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Corporate Philosophy


MONETIZE 365 SINGAPORE PTE.LTD Message from the President
How the Earth was made?
Answers can be found by looking back on the history of the past.
It is a new idea.


It is precisely summarized in this word.
NEW means that it does not exist or appears for the first time as you know.
Civilization occurs on the earth, culture and history are born.
Our lifestyle has become enrich by technological innovation.
But what people's income structural even though the Earth has advanced civilization?

Most people live with labor income as the income source.
This is a fact.

It is our mission to make a world that can have revenue sources besides labor income.
This country has grown from a small Asian country to the world's biggest financial state in less than 10 years.
There is a culture to keep and a technology to be innovated.
We will continue to be a business entity that challenges new things boldly.